Future Workplace

What will your future office look like?

While companies across Ireland and the world are embracing work-from-home, Zoom meetings, and social distancing, it might seem like COVID-19 is making the traditional office obsolete. It’s impossible to predict what may happen next and when, we need to be prepared in order to not compromise the health & safety of our employees.

The characteristics of a how we designed spaces pre-COVID was to support new ways of working with high levels of human interaction to fuel creativity, innovation, speed and agility. These attributes now pose challenges for the post-COVID workplace, to limit physical interactions. We must not fix the office in a way that weakens your business culture, creativity, productivity and competitiveness, of course the office must be made safe, but also more resilient and more adaptive than ever.

As you plan ahead the things to consider are; the Density of Workplace & capacity, Divisions, Ancillary Spaces, Standing Meetings, Design for Disinfecting, Agile Practices and Working from Home.

This time should be used as an opportunity for your workplace to move forward, not backward.

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