Design Team

Client: MD7
Clients Agent: QRE Real Estate Advisers
Main Contractor PSDP/PSCS: FKM. Fit Out. Knowledge. Management.
Designer: Katherine Kelliher Kelliher Miller Architects
M&E Designer: Renaissance Engineering Ireland
M&E Consultant: Axiseng
Fire Consultant: BB7 Fire & Security Consulting
BCAR: Fahy Fitzpatrick Consulting Engineers
Mechanical Contractor: Alpha Mechanical Services Ltd.
Electrical Contractor: Manning & Buckley Electrical Ltd
Flooring: Ege Carpets
Acoustics: Optima Group Ceilings and Partitions
Glazed Partitions: Komfort Partitioning
Joinery: Truwood Ltd.
Furniture provider: Farrell Furniture

Client's objectives

MD7 believes in extreme partnership and a personalised approach to every opportunity. MD7 provides an organisation that values each person and their contributions to the company. MD7’s objectives were to create an office space that enables staff to feel supported by their business, enabling them to actively engage in the core beliefs of MD7. The core values our client wanted to achieve were connection, belonging and growth.

Scope of work

The scope of work was to create an office space that manifests the company’s identity to their clients and visitors while enabling employees to feel they are an essential part of MD7s culture.

Unique challenges of the project

COVID lockdown and construction sites being closed delayed the start date and pushed back the programme.

FKM approach to solving the challenges

FKMs project management and quality workmanship skills helped us accomplish this complex, tight time-framed project successfully. Programme and communication were critical, so we had big weekly meetings that included a variety of end-users to make sure everything was accounted for, and everyone was happy with the progress.

Successes and Outcomes

The project was completed on time with no downtime at the go-live stage. The client has seen the office support the business growth, and they are more than happy with the results.