Design Team

Design and Build Project

Client's objectives

A distinctive office building located within the beautifully landscaped grounds of South County Business Park is the new home to the Dublin Office for Playrix EMEA HQ.

The Dublin office is expanding and is focused on business development, marketing, legal and accounting.

Playrix wanted to provide a fast-paced environment where you will manage existing commercial and operational opportunities to support Playrix’s strategic initiatives in the mobile games industry. The Team function is to work on exciting, successful global gaming projects.

The key objective was to continue the culture of gaming by creating environments for the way people work together can spark imaginative new ways of thinking and problem-solving.

Playrix needed to create an environment that would encourage collaboration, inspire creativity, and drive outside-the-box thinking.

They wanted nature-inspired spaces that bring workers into the office and help them engage with each other and their surroundings.

Scope of work

FKM’s scope included the design and build of large open office spaces with workstations and new modern breakout and collaboration areas, as well as a new canteen area. On this basis, our designers created a modern, vibrant office space with additional meeting rooms to accommodate the increased use of Dublin as the Global HQ for Playrix.

Biophilia needed to go hand in hand with other technological features, all equally well designed for controlling the quality of the indoor environment, such as thermal comfort, air quality, lighting, acoustic comfort, and suitable spatial layout in offices.

Unique challenges of the project

There were constraints around the management of vehicles, logistics and deliveries to avoid causing traffic build-up or accident risk adjacent to the entrances of a bustling park. This was an occupied building, and FKM built a solid plan to ensure we did not interfere with other tenants in the area and adhere to a rigorous schedule around noisy work.

The FKM team designed, constructed, and handed over this prestigious project in the context of a very compact programme, in line with Playrix corporate strategy for Dublin.

FKM approach to solving the challenges

The workplace can play an active role in generating and developing innovative ideas. Playrix worked with the FKM Team to create a workplace to propel its innovation potential, amplifying the performance of individuals, teams and entire enterprises.

Successes and Outcomes

Best-in-class workplace promoting productivity and stimulating operational efforts to drive and sustain a major expansion of EMEA operations.