• Client: Symantec
  • Location: Ballycoolin Dublin
  • Duration: 28 weeks
  • Area: 9,300 sq.m

The main mechanical plant areas are the roof level and the boilerhouse & tank room which are in the service area at ground level.


The open plan areas are served by a Derivent/Activent ducted system at high level which maintains the space at 21deg.  The plant feeding these areas are 8No Activent AHUs and 5No Derivent AHUs, these units are located on the roof and are controlled by space temperature sensors within the building.


The project was delivered using BIM modelling where our on site team coordinated all service requirements with StructureTone, and the Design Team adjusting the model to ensure the works on commencement on site didn’t cause any programme delays, resulting in successful completion.

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