Client's objectives

A strong brand story for the new flexible workplace of cybersecurity firm Tenable, centred around multiple neighbourhoods to promote the new ways of working, focussing on agility and creativity.

Scope of work

The Tenable brand has a strong presence throughout the space, with large-scale graphics, core values, and bold use of brand colours, providing both permanent and nomadic staff with a sense of belonging to the organisation and the culture. The modern building has been stunningly refurbished, with its many windows providing a wonderful view over the adjacent River Liffey.

Unique challenges of the project

The need for storage within a landscape is constantly changing and being reconfigured, from drawers, to file storage, to coat racks to lockers!

FKM approach to solving the challenges

Full-height Storage walls provide space with efficient and flexible storage. With a seamless, built-in look, the Storage wall units are spread throughout the space providing the all-important smart and secure storage that each organisation needs. It’s a system for life that can be continually upgraded as their workspace changes, so it’s sustainable and highly space-efficient in using the full height of the space.

Successes and Outcomes

This new location provides the perfect home for the talented Tenable employees and gives them full flexibility for their future needs.