Client's objectives

Zoetis moved their international HQ to Dublin and chose FKM as their Design and Build and Facilities Partner. 

The Zoetis Value Proposition is “innovating across the continuum of care”. Therefore, it was important for them to portray this culture of innovation and care in their fit out so that visitors and staff would be immersed in this message on entering the office.

FKM were engaged on a design coordination & build services basis by Zoetis for the fit out of their 16,500sq.ft., second-floor project at Building 10, Cherrywood Business Park, Dublin 18, to consist of office space for 80+ persons, with ancillary service areas.

Scope of work

Zoetis Recognized around the World as a Great Place to Work. 

Zoetis have a Strong commitment to a workplace culture where colleagues feel supported, work together, and are empowered to balance their work and home lives. Their attention to organizational culture and work environment helped drive the design of their office layout.

  • Demolition of the existing fit out and partition walls
  • Modification of existing services to suit the new layout
  • New reception desk
  • New phone booths, meeting rooms, offices and canteen
  • Dark structural elements & bright feature walls & furniture
  • Feature curtains & lighting to the reception area
  • Creative breakout spaces which matched their company culture.
  • User Experience room for 1 to 1 Meetings
  • Large collaboration spaces with nature themes
  • LED lighting with sensor controls and high/low energy settings
  • Spacious living rooms
  • Functional booths

Unique challenges of the project

Zoetis previous offices were never designed to the standard we provided. They had their team all under one roof, and yet many people wouldn’t see each other over the course of a week, much less a day.

With the new office, company leadership resolved to create a space that would encourage more interaction among employees. They were also keen to locate the office in a place that would be a draw for top talent.

FKM approach to solving the challenges

“Don’t design the space to hold people. Design it to facilitate people” was the approach to solving this issue. They also formed a change committee, handpicked from across the organization for their influence in their departments.

Successes and Outcomes

Everybody’s idea of creativity opened up, and Zoetis have an environment that’s free and open, colourful, and lends itself to expressing themselves through the products produced. Everyone in Zoetis has the latitude to work the way they want to work, so this environment created spaces that support their employees and lead the way forward to attracting and retaining the talent they have.