CAT A/CAT B, Fit Out & Refurbishment

An office fit out is the end-to-end process of making an internal space suitable for occupation. It’s the transformation of a concrete shell into a working space; from installing facilities (like the loo and coffee station) and raising the flooring so that the services can live underneath, to installing team breakout areas, meeting rooms and workstations.

Often new office spaces will be provided as a blank canvas, in what we call a Shell and Core or a Cat A fit out. This leaves it up to the tenants to provide themselves with a working finish in what’s known as a Cat B fit out.

Here, you can see project case studies that demonstrate the breadth of expertise of our design and delivery teams.

Concept and Design Development

Having analysed your goals for your office fit out, the FKM in-house team develops the office space planning and interior design concept, with our quantity surveyors preparing and adjusting, in parallel, the budget for the procurement, project management and delivery of your project. We begin developing a design from your concept when we have learned a lot about your company and your project, so you get what you need, and more.

We then provide a detailed budget with a progressive update to challenge our design with your target budget. Our tailored workplace concepts are designed to reach your company goals. We have a team of surveyors who have a keen knowledge of the marketplace costs for design, construction materials and furniture ensuring you get the benefit of added value for your budget.

Small Works

When it comes to office design, it’s essential to think outside of the box to make the most out of the space available. Luckily, it also means you can get more creative and discover innovative solutions for your smaller office space.

FKM has a team of experienced small office works professionals who can create the perfect workspace for you – no matter the size, type of business, or individual goals. So whether you want to create an intimate creative space or an office that feels larger than it is, we can help.

Services include:

  • Office design
  • Alterations to existing small office spaces
  • Furniture sourcing, including bespoke furniture to fit within the space
  • General redecoration, upgrading or updating the existing space
  • Relocating staff, equipment, furniture, and/or workstations
  • Adding or modifying power and data points
  • Maintenance

Space Planning & Workplace Strategy

Put simply; space planning is the process of designing how occupants will use a given space. For workspace design, this includes how much of the space is dedicated to types of work (collaborative, solitary etc.), how people will move through the space and how it will be equipped.

The FKM designers are here to help you make the best use of available space (within the boundaries of any building constraints) while enabling your people to do their best work every day. The cost of a physical space is easily calculated, but it’s more difficult to show how the working environment impacts human performance.

We believe that workspace design should facilitate an engaging experience for the people working in the space, avoiding the things that compromise their productivity. The space plan should also provide all the things we know from our research that are important for individual and community productivity. FKM believes that workplace design should reflect the activities of the occupants. There is no one size fits all, but there is a palette of components that can cater to the range of collaborative and solitary activities and the preferences of the people working in the office space.

Get in Touch

If you are interested in discussing your workplace design needs or future space planning please get in touch.

Office Reconfiguration

FKM facilities don’t just do new office refits. We have installation, reconfiguration, and space planning teams ready to help you both relocate and reconfigure your existing workplace. FKM offers a full service for larger projects requiring reconfigurations, including site surveys, where one of our space planners will visit your workplace to take measurements and survey the space. By completing a full survey of your workplace, we can establish the extent of your needs, including furniture, IT relocation, filing relocation, storage, re-installation etc., and provide a fixed price quote.

With our expert space planning team, FKM can completely reconfigure your workplace, and whether this means accommodating more staff, moving interacting departments closer, or including a larger variety of breakout and agile working spaces, we have the expertise to make this happen.

Facilities Management

From statutory compliance and best practice asset management, we design and adhere to annual planned preventative.

Our Facilities Team builds a bespoke calendar for each contract, which is shared with our clients and reported on as part of our monthly and quarterly reports.

Following manufacturer guidelines and the highest industry standards, we aim to deliver real value to prolong the asset’s life whilst minimising reactive call outs.